Custom chandelier

Custom chandelier, ornamental chandelier, staircase chandelier or fiberglass chandelier ?You are at the heart of our business!

We design, made and install custom chandeliers in France and abroad for 12 years. We have a predilection to make chandeliers fiber optics, but primarily ornamental chandeliers.

Depending on its size, style, type of lighting and height, its overall size, a chandelier gives the character of a place. We suggest you create it and design it together!

We remind you that we have the honor to have received the mention of art craftsman since 2006 for our work of luster and interior design.

Custom chandelier

Modern, vintage, baroque or avant-garde, Crystal, metal, carbon, optic fiber … Large chandelier, small chandelier, chandelier for staircase, chandelier for lobby, ornamental chandelier, dining room chandelier, chandelier high?

A chandelier provides a unique lighting type that should be coordinated with your desires.

A cozy atmosphere, a discreet lighting or an imposing chandelier that will be the central element of your room and will give a lot of light, a fiber optic chandelier for a fairy lighting?

We propose to draw it, to study the technical constraints, the calculations of illumination to answer your specifications. Following a visit of the place, and our meeting we establish visuals, a budget, then we manufacture and install your project of light by our own care.

Staircase chandelier, high-rise chandelier, large chandelier

We are particularly specialist in the exceptional luster! We have an experience of more than 10 years in the development of major projects such as: staircase chandelier, lobby chandelier, high-rise chandelier, and large custom chandelier.

We can offer you the visit of different places enlightened by our custom chandelier projects.

We design, made and install chandeliers up to 25 meters high, to this day. We also respond to the constraints of buildings, pose vertically, pose under glass roof, pose in busy, narrow, buried…

We carry out all the studies of constraints, of torsion and recommendations of preparation for the reception of the project.

Ornamental chandelier, crystal chandelier, baroque chandelier

Our second job is the work of textiles and interior decoration, Isa Moss, at the base of art embroidery, a long expertise in the field of chandeliers, the history of luster, a sharp knowledge of crystal and from its derivatives, a personal taste of detail, which leads us to develop projects of the type: castle chandelier, ornamental chandelier, crystal chandelier, baroque chandelier or stringing.

In this case, if we are lucky enough to know the history of a place, the sketches of ancient chandeliers, to create, draw and make the ornamental chandelier, or crystal chandelier closer to these grandparents! Bring a bit of modernism without ever distorting the place, that’s our motto!

We can offer you the visit of Castles, manors, which are lit up today by our chandeliers

Fiber optic chandelier

Our cute catch! We can claim to have brought this new trend in France because we develop since 2005.

It is important to be attentive to the quality of the product offered. We are very familiar with the environment of this luminaire segment. We have been copied with less qualitative products, whatever! This is our little pride!

The fiber optic chandelier is often designed as a waterfall chandelier, but it is absolutely possible to develop it quite differently.

We are working optical fiber of different thicknesses, translucent or black;  with PMMA or glass depending on whether we are in public places or not.

We have a lot of projects to present to you. Budgets for a fiber optic chandelier start on a base of 2500 € installed and installed in your home for a chandelier of a magnitude of 2 meters. Nevertheless it is important to emphasize, that we only use components of great qualities, and elements of noble decorations: crystal, glass of Murano, stainless steel, cabinet making … and never of plastic!!!

Custom Chandelier: Tips for Individuals

Depending on its size, the number of light sources of which it is composed, the direction of its lighting and its material, a chandelier will not give the same impression in a room. For overall room lighting, choose a chandelier with diffuse or indirect lighting.

For extra light or to illuminate a particular area or object, choose a chandelier with a directional light to highlight what you want to light.

Large chandelier or small chandelier?

A chandelier is suitable for large or under a table for a plush effect. To choose a chandelier, it is necessary to take into account the size of the place, the height under ceiling before any.

Too big a chandelier would reduce the size of your room and bring too much light. Too small, it would not be highlighted and would give the impression of floating in space. But do not be afraid of the volumes: it is better that a chandelier seems a little big than too small because it is often the centerpiece of a decoration.