Chandelier produced in collaboration with Axel Shoenert architects for Vinci Immobilier – Arche de la Défense – 100 transparent and metallic glass pebbles – Installation under glass roof – Special reference: Ministry of Culture “One Building, One Work”

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Custom chandeliers made by Isa Moss workshop.

Since 2005, Isa Moss has been creating bespoke chandeliers, mainly in fiber optics but in all imaginable materials.

Depending on its size, style, lighting type and diameter, a chandelier can transform a room. It is important to choose it to your measure.

What chandelier, for what atmosphere?

Modern, traditional, neutral, colorful, classic or avant-garde, crystal, metal, plastic or wood … there are all kinds of chandeliers today. You can choose it in the same style as your furniture or on the contrary dare contrasts.Each chandelier model provides a unique type of lighting that should coordinate with your desires: do you want a subdued atmosphere, discreet lighting or a chandelier imposing which will be the central element of your room and will give a lot of light?

What chandelier for what light?

Depending on its size, the number of bulbs it is composed of, the direction of its lighting and its material, a chandelier will not give the same light. For overall room lighting, choose a chandelier with diffused or indirect lighting. For extra light or to illuminate a specific area or piece of furniture, choose a chandelier with a directional light to highlight what you wish to light (dining area, etc.)

What chandelier for which room?

A chandelier is not suitable for all rooms, it is preferred in large rooms such as the dining-room, living room or bedroom. To choose a chandelier, it is necessary to take into account its diameter, the size of the room and, primordial element, the height under ceiling. The diameter and the size of the chandelier are essential. Too big, it would reduce the size of your room and bring too much light. Too small, it would not be highlighted and would give the impression of floating in the room. But do not be afraid of volumes: it is better that a chandelier seems a little big than too small because it is often the centerpiece of a decor.In a dining room, a chandelier at the right size will be positioned in about 1.70 in height to be ideally positioned to light the table. In a living room or bedroom, it will be positioned higher, with a large diameter, for a diffuse light.

A bespoke chandelierTo be sure to choose THE chandelier that will enhance your room and look like you, you can also opt for a custom chandelier.Some prestigious houses like Windfall, Brand Van Egmond, De Majo, Terzani or Bocci offer you to realize your project of personalized chandelier, in agreement with your interior and your personality. Certain brands, like Windfall, can also, starting from a picture of your interior, provide you a visual of the result obtained once your chandelier created! teams welcome you every day to guide you when choosing or developing your chandelier, do not hesitate to contact us!