Japanese panels

Japanese walls or Japanese panels: a solution focused on design. The Japanese walls are an ideal solution as part of the bay window dressing, especially on interior decoration projects of recent and architectural living spaces.

The choice of Japanese walls is a resolutely contemporary window decoration.

We produce these with washable technical fabrics, plant fabrics, stainless steel, overhead projection films, bristles worked with gussets.

We take special care in sometimes incorporating, magnetic elements, pleats hand sewn. We also incorporate repainted viscose filaments, hand-made art embroidery, metal …

Japanese walls for your windows and bay windows

This type of Japanese walls is mounted on a rail and allows each wall pan to slide to obscure more or less the view of the windows. The panels can be more or less flexible, depending on the choice of materials. The ideal is to opt for panels that have a stabilization system to prevent the panels from moving with the wind when the windows are open.

The principle of free sliding from left to right, one behind the other, is our preference. The number of Japanese walls should be as small as possible and as wide as possible to make your living space more architectural.

There are also Japanese panel rails for treating curved windows.

Japanese walls to separate spaces

You need to separate a space, to create two different areas? Japanese walls are perfect separating elements.

If you have a large room that you want to divide, these are particularly suitable for playable modular spaces as well.

This system consists of installing a 2 to 5-channel ceiling rail, into which a panel door accommodating the Japanese panel slides.

Japanese walls to hide a space

Do you have cupboards with classic doors? A dressing room, a storage area that you want to hide behind beautiful doors? You can use these Japanese walls to close these spaces.

The workshop only works on tailor-made projects. We plan following a visit to the place, solutions, visuals, a budget.

We also ensure the assembly and installation of all our projects in France and abroad.