Report of Arte

Isa Moss is a designer and interior designer. She draws, designs and manufactures custom chandeliers, illuminated walls. The Isa Moss workshop also works in the field of interior decoration, especially in custom window dressing.

The Isa Moss workshop produces Japanese panels, curtains, and interior shutters. The Isa Moss workshop is able to take charge of blind installation projects as part of major implementation projects.

The Isa Moss workshop was founded in 2005. Isa Moss, fascinated by the search for materials, hijacks codes to invent a new aesthetic each time.

The Isa Moss workshop earned the mention of craftsman in 200. Without doubt, because of his taste for perfectionism and the contemporary spirit of the projects realized. Our clients are mainly architectural firms, public and private specifiers, as well as passionate individuals.

You will find below some reports on the workshop Isa Moss…

Workshop glassware 2018

We invite you to take a look behind the scenes of the workshop, on the setting up of the Hoche project for the Bnp Paribas, Avenue Hoche in Paris.

The process of creating glass pebbles in harmony with the specifications of the agency Axel Shoenert architects. It is a custom-made, 9-meter-high metallic pebble chandelier with a lustrous louvered pathway from the entrance of the building to the chandelier under the canopy. This one was set up in September 2018 by the Isa Moss workshop.

The chandelier is visible at the headquarters of Springs France at 20 Avenue Hoche in Paris.


Opéra custom chandelier

We present the custom-made chandelier, placed horizontally under a glass roof, from Octo Technology for Covéa Real Estate, made from an ovoid chrome steel structure suspended horizontally, on steel strands.

The structure accommodates more than 2500 bubbles of glasses of 10 cm of diameter blown by hand. The installation of the chandelier was realized in September 2016. It is visible at 34 Opéra Avenue in Paris.


Staircase chandelier | 23 meters

We invite you to discover the chandelier of the Cnim, made with the agency Axel Schoenert architects in an 8-storey stairwell.

The chandelier has a height of 23 meters high; it was made from 110 crystal modules, custom designed by Isa Moss workshop. Its implementation took place in October 2017. It is visible at 35 Bassano Street in Paris (100 meters from the Vuitton store)


Report of Arte

Report of Arte, Regards de femmes directed by Philippe Labrune


MaisonFrance5 report

Maison France 5 report with Stéphane Thebaut in 2014


Prix Liliane Bettencourt 2011

Vintage | Presentation for the 2011 Liliane Bettencourt Award

Prize for the intelligence of the hand, for a work on two threaded chandeliers, worked from drawings late 18th. These chandeliers were made and illuminate the Hénonville castle, a public reception area in the Oise.